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Insolvency and Restructuring in the UK: An Insolvency Practitioner’s Perspective - Jervis

‘Pay as You Go – You Can’t Have the Penny and the Bun’: Court of Appeal Overrules Goldacre and Luminar on the Treatment of Rent as an Expense - Bannister

SA Rhodia v SA Sanofi: Maternity Obligations do not Extend to Funding the Offspring in Spin-offs - Sørensen

Willmott Forests: Australian High Court Upholds Disclaimer by Liquidators of Insolvent Lessor - McCoy

Joint Liquidators of The Scottish Coal Company Limited: Note for Directions - Macpherson

Cayman Collaboration: Using the Cayman Islands Provisional Liquidation Procedure in Support of US Chapter 11 Proceedings - Galatopoulos - Moran

Restructuring of the Channel Islands Stock Exchange - Amy

Secondary Insolvency Proceedings in France: Potential Liability of Directors of Foreign Companies for Insufficiency of Assets in France - Diaz-Martinat - Taupin

Bail-in: The New Tool in the Resolution Box? - Bewick - Heis

Recognition and Assistance for Foreign Office Holders in Bermuda, BVI and Cayman - Evans - Mayor - Meeson QC - Hanson - Parchment

Jersey Trusts: Reversing Errors involving Trustees - Gardner

Barnet Raises the Bar for Chapter 15 Recognition in the Second Circuit - Zerjal

Jaffé v Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.: Exploring the Limits of ‘Additional Relief ’ and ‘Additional Assistance’ under Chapter 15 of the US Bankruptcy Code - Good

The Crisis is Finally Biting! The Response of the EU Merger Control Regime to the Need for Corporate Restructurings - Kokkoris

LBI hf v Kepler Capital Markets SA [2013] EUECJ C-85/12 - Brown

Bluecrest Mercantile BV v Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group & others [2013] EWHC 1146 (Comm) - Radia - Mokhtassi

International Corporate Rescue

Editor-in-Chief: Mark Fennessy, Proskauer Rose LLP, London.
Publisher: Sasha Radoja, London

International Corporate Rescue is the bi-monthly journal from Chase Cambria Publishing published in association with University College London (UCL), Centre for Commercial Law, and sponsored by South Square barristers' chambers. International Corporate Rescue covers the most relevant issues in the topical area of insolvency and corporate rescue law and practice. This is the journal with global reach. It covers the key jurisdictions and core regions of the US, UK, Asia and Europe. Each issue brings superbly authoritative articles on the most pertinent business issues written by the leading experts in the field.

Aims and Scope

It is our intention in this bi-monthly journal to provide practitioner value on a range of corporate rescue and insolvency issues covering a multitude of jurisdictions. With an Editorial Board drawn from academia, the legal and accountancy professions and from banking and commerce, the journal features articles from these industry perspectives. It is our aim to publish journal issues which are broad enough to cover industry perspectives, reporting on factors influencing global economic change, and yet specialised enough to provide an in-depth analysis to practitioners facing these issues on a day-to-day basis.


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